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Implementing Myopia Control Early

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a common vision condition worldwide that can affect your child’s distance vision from a young age. Myopia can cause your kids to struggle in school and have other issues in their daily lives.

Eyes of Texas Vision Care is passionate about myopia control. Through comprehensive eye exams and different myopia control strategies, we can help.

We offer myopia control methods such as ortho-k lenses, MiSight contacts, and atropine. We aim to help your children experience long-term healthy vision—contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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Understanding Myopia Control

You may know what myopia is, but understanding how myopia control can help your children is the next step.

Myopia control is an area of eye care that uses various tools and treatments to prevent or slow your child’s myopia progression. Depending on your child’s specific needs, our team can implement management options such as:

Keeping an Eye Out for Myopia Symptoms

Recognizing myopia early in your children can be difficult, but some common signs and symptoms to look out for can include:

  • Trouble seeing faraway objects
  • Needing to squint to see clearly
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches

If your kids bring up these symptoms up or you notice them, that can be your sign to schedule an eye exam with our team. We can help you explore different myopia control methods.

Myopia in the Classroom

When your kids are having issues with their eyesight, it can impact their daily lives, and that can also mean issues in the classroom. Myopia can make it challenging for your children to read from a distance, see the board, and participate in sports and other activities.

This can lead to stress and confusion, and if left undiagnosed, it may cause them to fall behind their friends.

With professional care and treatment options for myopia, such as ortho-k and MiSight contact lenses, we can help your child get a handle on myopia progression.

Our Myopia Control Methods

Keeping an Eye Out for Myopia Symptoms

We offer different myopia control solutions to our patients, such as ortho-k contact lenses, MiSight lenses, and more. Consistent eye exams are also essential in keeping our team up-to-date on changes or developments in your child’s vision. 

We know that myopia can be challenging for you and your children, and our team is ready to help.

Ortho-k Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology, also known as ortho-k, is a non-surgical procedure where specialty contact lenses are used to reshape the cornea while your child sleeps, providing clear vision during the day.

Dr. Yee, our certified optometrist, can guide you through the process of orthokeratology. We’ll discuss if this safe and effective procedure is right for your child’s needs.

Ortho-k contact lenses are customized to meet your child’s specific needs. They gently and gradually reshape the cornea, correcting their vision. Our team will use a topographer to map their entire cornea, designing custom lenses for optimal results.

MiSight contact lenses are daily disposable lenses specifically designed to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children aged 8–12.

MiSight contact lenses are the first and only FDA-approved product that has been proven to effectively reduce myopia progression in children. With their unique design, these soft contact lenses work wonders in giving your child control over their myopia.

Not only are MiSight lenses comfortable and disposable, but they also correct distance vision and significantly reduce the progression of myopia. With these lenses, your child can enjoy clear vision while actively managing their myopia.

Low-dose atropine is a promising treatment method for children with myopia. Studies have shown that a low dose of atropine in eye drop form can help slow the progression of myopia in children to reduce the risk of severe nearsightedness.

Low-dose atropine drops can work by suppressing the eye’s growth to slow down the progression of myopia. This treatment is typically prescribed as a daily drop, administered in the evening before bedtime.

Managing Myopia Progression with You & Your Children

Your children’s younger years are highlighted by important moments and memories, and we don’t want myopia to interfere with those precious moments. 

Through treatment methods like ortho-k and MiSight contact lenses, we want to help your children enjoy clear vision for years to come.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get started on controlling the progression of myopia.

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